Renshinkai Karate

Renshinkai Karate Founded in 1979 at Leytonstone Karate Club. The name Renshinkai means unity, a combination of the styles and techniques of the fighting team known as Leytonstone. The team had a lot of flair and courage as they travelled throughout England, Scotland and Wales, fighting the best teams in these countries. The team became very famous, which led them to decide that a name was needed to express the strong bond they felt together as a team. With the help of Mr Tamakazawa the chief instructor of Tera karate group, and also the head of B.K.S, the name Renshin was founded. The style was than formed by the than Senior Instructor and team captain Greg Wallace, with the permission of then the chief instructor Sensei D. WU who did not have the time to do this himself. Shihan Wallace set about combining his own rapid combinations and body shift with Garth Waldropt's favourite technique Uraken Uchi, Lloyd William's left hand reverse punch, John Sanghera's Ashi Bari reverse punch, Levi Pedies variation of kicks, and Rupert Taylors lethal Mae Geri, to produce one of the most exciting and respected fighting style there is. Shihan Wallace then turned his attention to the basic side of the styles kata. He changed all the basic kata which originated from styles such as kyokushinkai, Wado Ryu, Gojo Ryu, Shotokan, and then put a lot of thinking into creating high grades original Renshinkai Kata. Kata such as Nidan sho, Go shin, Renshin, which express a true Unification of styles within a style. RENSHINKAI STRENGH IN UNITY