We welcome a wide variety of Clubs, from those practicing Traditional Styles, those practicing
Sport Karate, Korean Styles, and those that are Mixed Styles such as Wado Based, Shotokan based, Korean based Styles.

Whilst we welcome established instructors of any dan grade, we are keen to help new instructors just starting out, including new 1st dans who would like to run their own club, but feel that they can not do this within their present organization or influence of their instructors. We can assist with advice on starting a club and supporting its development.

The only compulsory requirement is that all instructors have Professional Indemnity Insurance.
This can be obtained through B.I.K.O, with instructors who have coaching qualifications receiving
a discount on P.I. Insurance. Or instructors can obtain this themselves from companies like,
Towry Law or Perkins Slade etc..

Benifits of Membership.
National and International Recognition, Being part of a Prestigious Progressive Thinking Organization that has a policy of Fun, Friendship, and Good Karate at Affordable Prices. Access to our Senior Instructors, and Training with the Former World Heavy Weight Champion, Current European Champion LEON WALTERS.

Access to the Japanese and Okinawan Dojos that we have connections with.
BIKO Has its own qualified Osteopath and Sports Injuries Practitioner. For free Consultation and Treatment for BIKO Members.

On completion on your application to join B.I.K.O, please send photocopies of your Current License
and Dan Grade Certificates as well as other instructors at your club. Once your application has been
receive by the Secretary, it is put before the Chief Instructor and the Technical Committee, for there
decision on acceptance. Once a club is accepted you will be issued with a Full B.I.K.O License and
book duly signed up to your grade. You will also receive a B.I.K.O Badge and a Club Registration
Certificate, along with an Official Seal / Stamp for stamping License Books when you do grading.

B.I.K.O Kyu Grade Certificates and Dan Grade are available from the Secretary, and there use
is encouraged, to show a bonafied grade backed up by B.I.K.O.

We hope that you feel that we are the organization that will help you and your club develop
and move forward, achieving higher grades and aspiring to higher standards of excellence in
accordance with our motto, Saizen which means to Aim To Be The Best!

All of these need to be completed and send to the secretary
at the address shown below:

234 Sheffield Road, Birdwell, Barnsley, South Yorks, S70 5TF

Licence Application Form PDF Downloads

2013 BIKO Licence Application Form
2014 BIKO Licence Application Form


Chief Instructor : KAICHO : Garth Waldropt : 7th Dan Kyoshi
Chairman : Ken Henville : 6th Dan Renshi
Assistant Chief Instructor : Elan Adams : 7th Dan
Dale Gamble : 6th Dan : Chief Referee and Treasurer
Gerry Coulter : 6th Dan Renshi : PR Officer : Tel 01763 853705
Ade Wilson : Secretary : TEL 07730 449568
Postal Address : 234 Sheffield Road, Birdwell, Barnsley, South Yorks, S70 5TF